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Expert opinions


What is it?
The expert’s report is a technical report assessing the existing damage to a building caused by external causes or defects of the building itself.

Who asks?

The request any owner of a property or community of neighbors who wants deal with any complaint to the responsible for the construction of housing that is damaged. you can also apply for an insurance company to assess the damage and determine if the policy covers them.

What is the rate?

The fee for conducting expert reports shall be determined by detailed performance depending on the type of budget.

What is the deadline?

The delivery will be determined depending on the type of expert opinion to make, being not more than, in any case, to 1 month.

How do you apply?

Send us your request for carrying out the expert opinion by the various means of contact, providing the exact address of the property, the applicant’s data and description and photographs of the damage appeared. In a maximum of 48 hours from the request we will contact you to arrange a visit.