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Project management

What is it?

Project management is what is now known as Project Management and consists of giving advice to the client, perform and process the documentation to perform a work, and coordination of industrial order to give the customer the finished product . The customer tells us what we want to do and we conducted without the customer having to worry about anything.

Who asks?

Request any owner of a building or community of neighbors who want to make a work of internal reform, rehabilitation facade, pool construction or building and auxiliary service requires coordination of the whole process.

What is the rate?

The fee for conducting project management will be determined by detailed performance depending on the type of budget.

What is the deadline?

The delivery will be determined according to the type of action to project.

How do you apply?

Give us your application for managing a project through different channels of contact, providing the exact address of the property and the applicant’s data. In a maximum of 48 hours from the request we will contact you to arrange a visit.